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Body Experience - Energizing

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BABOR SPA ENERGIZING – the ocean experience
Enjoy revitalizing and fresh scents to submerge yourself in a feeling of ocean wave. The finest sea salt or velvety foams offer subtle and tactile exfoliation while refreshing textures with red algae extracts provide a boost of energy and moisture for a resilient new you.

Marine Salt Scrub 40 min. €55,00
An intensive peeling with mineral-rich sea salt and natural oils, that stimulates the detoxification process and leave skin silky smooth. For the perfect finish, the skin is nourishing with an energizing refreshing body cream.

Oil to Foam Peeling 30 min. €45,00
An energizing, pampering peeling body treatment with hydrophilic oils and delicately scented
foams. For the perfect finish, the skin is nourished with an energizing refreshing body cream.

Algae Cream Cocoon 70 min. €80,00
An invigorating, moisturizing algae wrap, this treatment begins with a marine salt scrub, followed by
a moisturizing, detoxifying algae envelopment, which provides hydration and encourages toning.
While you relax, indulge an anti-stress scalp massage to help you disconnect from the outside
world and find your balance.

The Ocean Experience Luxury Ritual 110 min. €120,00
Experience Ocean freshness-this head-to-toe treatment offers the ultimate in body pampering using
marine elements from red algae for intense energy and hydration boost. Inspired by the natural
currents of the ocean, this aromatic, energizing body treatment stimulates the body for the ultimate
sensation of total body wellness. A unique oil to foam natural enzyme exfoliation combined with an
invigorating brushing to stimulate the blood circulation, and lymphatic flow prepares the skin to drink in the benefits of the cocooning cream wrap to follow. For a beautiful complexion your facial skin is treated to a Healthy, Vital Glow facial treatment. Last but not least an anti-stress scalp massage will help you disconnect from the outside world and find your balance.

The Ultimate Detox Treatment 110 min. €120,00

This head to toe treatment exfoliates, moisturizes and regenerates the skin.
The pure algae body wrap promotes metabolism in the skin as it removes toxins from the body so therefore aids body contouring and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

The Lymphatic Drainage Facial works to enhance the skin's natural radiance, reduce puffiness and enhance the natural contours of the face.

The Algae Vitalizer Ampoule gives the skin intensive moisture boost at the same time it strengthens the skin's microbiome and strengthens its natural protection barrier.

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