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Body Experience - Shaping

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BABOR SPA SHAPING – the earth experience
Surround yourself with subtle scents, feel at one with the earth, and tantalize your skin with poppy seeds. These natural seeds refine smooth skin texture. When combined with nourishing oils the body will appear smoother and firmer.

Babor Spa Earth Softening Peeling 40 min. €55,00
A smooth cream peeling treatment with natural poppy seeds combined with stimulating body
brushing. Gently remove dead skin cells and improve the skin’s moisture absorption capacity. For
the perfect finish, warm nourishing shaping oil is massaged into the body, leaving it feeling beautifully soft and supple. It is the perfect add-on to body treatments and massages.

Shaping Cream Cocoon 40 min. €50,00
A warm localized treatment wrap that increases circulation and metabolic activity on problem
zones, with Caffeine and Glaucine extracts that stimulate lipolysis and counteract formation of new
fat cells. Firms and contours the skin. This treatment begins with an Earth softening peeling.
In Shape Cellulite Wrap 60 min. €75,00
A localized treatment designed to help reduce fat deposits, firm connective tissues, and improve
the appearance of cellulite. Your therapy begins with an Earth Softening peeling to remove dead
skin cells and help stimulate the metabolism to remove toxins. Then followed by a wrap saturated
in a highly effective concentrate of natural active ingredients: caffeine, guarana, and green algae
all combine to activate fat breakdown. While you relax experience an anti-stress scalp massage to
help you disconnect from the outside world and enjoy a moment of mindfulness. The skin will be left
looking firmer and smoother, with cellulite less visible.

The Earth Experience Luxury Ritual 110 min. €120,00
This indulgent head to toe treatment journey begins with a stimulating body polish with poppy seeds, rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients. An invigorating skin brushing follows to promote circulation, encourage lymphatic flow, and prepare the skin for the application of a firming cream wrap. While you relax your facial skin is treated to a Healthy, Vital Glow facial treatment for a beautiful complexion. Last but not least an anti-stress scalp massage will help you disconnect from the outside world and find your balance.

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