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Body Tech

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Is this your first time with us? If so, we recommend before booking any treatments to experience our Free body consultation by our experienced staff. Whether you are interested in slimming, body contouring, firming or anti-cellulite treatments or have any other needs. Our treatments can be used individually or combined for extra power. To help you achieve your best body, after a consultation we prepare an individual tailored-made treatment plan that is right for you.

Free Consultation. 30 min.

KRF Keramos - Multi Polar Radio Frequency Body Shaping and Skin Tightening
KRF uses an innovative fractional radio frequency leading to extraordinary results and maximum
safety. Using energy waves to heat the deep layer of your skin, radio frequency body contouring,
tightens the skin, removes fat deposits, and improves tone for a harmonious, toned, and trim body.
Upper Arms 30 min. €70,00
Tummy 30 min. €70,00
Buttocks 30 min. €70,00
Front and Back of Thighs 40 min. €75,00

Vacuum Lymphatic Massage Therapy - Coming Soon
Vacuum massage is a therapeutic method of reducing cellulite and is performed with a mechanical
device that lifts the skin by means of suction. This non-invasive method, increases blood circulation,
blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the surface of the skin. Also increases lymphatic circulation that drains away waste materials and products.
Legs- Front and Back of Thighs 30 min.
Buttocks 30 min.
Tummy 30 min.

Thermo - Stimulation 50min. €50,00
Direct results in local fat, cellulite and firming using electrotherapy and infrared thermotherapy. 
Treat several areas simultaneously.
Different body treatment programs for all body concerns with the best results.

Stretch Mark Localized Treatment 45 min. €90,00
A combination of three technologies; diamond peeling, RF radiofrequency and micro needling,
which all work in synergy to help boost the production of collagen, elastin and tighten the skin;
Combined with Dr Babor products they help heal the damaged connective tissue in the dermis that
creates the stretch marks.

Accurett – Age Spot and Pigmentation Treatment for Hands & Body 45 min.
Ideal for the treatment of age spots, pigmentation, and skin tags on neck, hands and body. Accurett
uses carbon dioxide cartridges to deliver a “soft freeze” the cryotherapy treatment is fast, effective,
and safe. Procedures take just 2-5 seconds per pigmentation mark/spot. – a milder treatment
with quicker healing.
1-3 spots €25,00
4-6 spots €50,00
7-10 spots €65,00

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