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The Fast Experience

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Intense but so quick facial treatments that you can even fit them into your lunch break or before an evening out, to add that special glow. The perfect add-on to any facial or body treatment.

Ampoule Hydra Boost 30 min. €40,00
When it comes to skincare, ampoules are true masterpieces. They are ideally concentrated
to achieve instant results and break every beauty limit, drop by drop. A hydro
boost treatment combines cleansing, peeling and an intense ampoule treatment of
3 ampoules with our wellbeing touch to saturate your skin with hydration leaving it
feeling fresh and plumped.

Face Workout 30 min. €40,00
The secret of instant lifting. This hands only treatment is an effective full-face workout
based on massage and physio-therapeutic principles. It intensively stimulates the tissue
increases skin circulation relaxes tension in the facial muscles while restoring their
balance and reduces expression lines and wrinkles. Intensive lymphatic drainage
strokes drain accumulated waste products from the skin, the skin contour is smoothed,
toned, sculpted and with much more facial definition.

Quick Glow 45 min. €50,00
The perfect quick pick me up, for an instant facial glow, with an added lip volume
plump treatment, perfect before a make-up look. This treatment combines cleansing
a light peeling, ampoule glow treatment, lip boost with OXYjet® (pulsed pressure injection-
without needle). A specialised hydrating sheet mask.

Luscious Lip Boost OXYjet® 15 min. €30,00
Plumping and Line Reducing - For those who prefer the no-needle approach!
A non-invasive instant lip plump treatment with OXYjet® (pulsed pressure injection without
needle), gentle effective and safe; this treatment seeks to minimize fine lines
around the mouth and achieve a fuller, more defined look for the lips, increasing the
collagen production by up to 351% resulting in firmer, fuller lips.

Refresh & Sparkle Eye Treatment OXYjet® 30 min. €40,00
No more tired eyes, created to relax digital eye strain, reduce dark circles, puffiness,
dry skin, and fine wrinkles. This treatment combined with OXYjet® (pulsed pressure
injection- without needle) performs special eye-zone decongesting including an added
special eye sheet mask that works together in synergy to hydrate and nourish the
delicate skin around the eye area. The perfect treatment before an event or after a
strenuous week of work.

Firm & Youthful Lifting Eye Treatment 40 min. €59,00
This non-invasive eye lift is designed to treat signs of ageing such as sagging lids,
fine lines, frown lines and wrinkles. KRF is a fractional Radio Frequency created in High
Efficiency Ceramics to stimulate collagen regrowth, rejuvenate and firm, working in
synergy with our signature lift
, this treatment combines cleansing, diamond peeling,
microcurrent to re-educate the muscles and lift sagging skin.

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