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Massage Experience

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A tranquil experience, through caring hands. Beauty and wellness lie in a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Come in stressed, leave revitalized simply because you deserve it.

Digital Wellness Escape Massage 40 min. €40,00
This treatment concentrates on the head, neck, shoulders and includes a specialized eye relaxer:
- an eye strain reducing massage. Our signature restorative treatment aims to ease stresses and
strains resulting from the frequent use of digital devices.

Swedish Anti- Stress Back Massage 30 min. €40,00
This classic relaxing massage improves the blood circulation, releases stress and tension in the muscles to leave you feeling relaxed, supple, and soothed.

Swedish Full Body Massage 60min. €65,00

Signature Back Hot- Stone Massage 30 min. €40,00
A grounding earth massage that warms the muscles and releases tension in the back, neck and shoulders soothing warm aromatic oil combines with Swedish massage movements and volcanic hot stones for the ultimate in relaxation.

Anti-Cellulite Leg Massage 40 min. €55,00
This treatment begins with a localized smooth cream peeling with natural poppy seeds combined
with stimulating body brushing. Then follows with a specifically designed anti-cellulite massage created to detoxify and drain the lymphatic system and activate the elimination of fat and enhance
weight loss. Delivers exceptional results for body sculpting, by dramatically reducing the appearance of cellulite, inducing skin firmness and fat burning, targeting fatty deposits.

Mummy Me Time Pregnancy Massage
Bringing a little one into the world can be both a magical and exhausting experience. Whether
you’re A new mum or a mum-to-be, treat yourself to a little mummy me time. A gentle elasticizing,
nurturing massage, perfect for during pregnancy (second trimester) as well as post-pregnancy. It
reduces swelling, improves circulation, and contributes to skin silkiness and tone.
30 min. €40,00
60 min. €65,00

Deep Muscle and Tissue Massage full body 60min. €69,00
Deep Muscle and Tissue Massage back 40min. €50,00

This specialized massage is ideal when you feel stressed and overworked.
Deep Tissue massage uses deep pressure and slow strokes to release tension in your muscles and
connective tissues.

Reduces pain and stiffness leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalised.

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