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The Expert & Precise Experience

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The innovative formulas of the Doctor Babor and Doctor Babor Pro specialist, made in Germany, are inspired by medical research. As intensive cosmeceuticals they are ideal for complex skin and are formulated precisely to meet the most demanding beauty requirements. Combined with the latest state of the art technology and equipment to ensure maximum, visible results.

3-in-1 Smooth, Firm & Tighten Facial 90min. €150.00

Our 3-in-1 facial treatment combines the power of three machines, Unwind and embrace the radiance as our advanced techniques merge for a truly revitalizing facial experience.

Diamond microdermabrasion, tips imbedded with real diamonds that are very gentle on the skin combined with LED chromatotherapy to reduce hyperpigmentation, rejuvenate and smooth skin.

Full Face KRF (a fractional Radio Frequency with High Efficiency Ceramics) to stimulate collagen regrowth, rejuvenate and firm, leading to reduced lines and youthful-looking skin.

Dermatude Micro-needling treatment that stimulates the build-up of new and young skin cells.. The contours are tightened, and skin texture refined.

Lifting - firm and youthful KRF Keramos Radio Frequency 90min. €120,00
Our Signature Lift Treatment

For skin with a lack of elasticity and visible wrinkles A high-impact treatment which combines fullface KRF (a fractional Radio Frequency with High Efficiency Ceramics) to stimulate collagen regrowth, rejuvenate and firm, leading to reduced lines and youthful-looking skin. This treatment combines cleansing, diamond peeling, microcurrent to stimulate muscles and lift sagging skin. Finishing with BABOR Pro Lift Effect Mask. The ultimate age defying treatment for vital, youthfully smooth, firmer looking skin with a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

BABOR Micro Needling and Led Colour Therapy-Regenerating- Age-defying 60min. €85,00
BABOR Micro Needling method ultra -fine needles activate all skin functions, intensive active ingredients, such as trimolecular hyaluronic acid, are introduced into the depths of the skin through
the finest micro channels. The great advantage lies in the activation of the skin’s own regeneration
processes in the depth of the skin. Thus, the micro needling treatment stimulates the build-up of new and young skin cells. The contours are tightened, and the skin texture refined!

Skin Renew Triple-Pro Retinol Treatment 90 min. €79,00

Meet three skin needs all at once.
Refinement, Rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction.
Ideal for demanding skin with signs of environmentally induced skin aging such as wrinkles, decreasing elasticity, pigmentation, lack of radiance and irregular skin structure.

This dynamic treatment incorporates diamond microdermabrasion to refine skin texture, AHA peeling that works from the inside out without inflammation, DOCTOR BABOR PRO Retinol Serum, Triple Pro-Retinol Renewal Cream and specialized Silver Foil Mask.

Refine - Even & Radiant with Chromopeel Therapy 75min. €75,00
No more tired and dull skin, but an even complexion. Created for environmentally aging-related
skin issues such as pigment spots, uneven color and irregular skin texture. Chromopeel combines
diamond microdermabrasion, tips imbedded with real diamonds that are very gentle on the skin
combined with led chromotherapy to reduce hyperpigmentation, rejuvenate, and smooth the skin
while strengthening the skin’s own protective mechanisms with oxidative power.

Brightening - Bright and Luminous with Led color therapy 60min. €75,00
Refine the complexion for a long-lasting, glowing, radiant appearance.
Created for dull demanding skin with pigment disorders, the brightening treatment will even out skin
tone and refine the complexion. LED color therapy combines with cleansing, intense peeling, a specialized mask, to leave your skin looking bright and glowing.

Hydrating – Plumped & Revived 90 min. €75,00
Plump and saturate the skin with intense hydration for a vital complexion.
Designed for extremely dehydrated skin with visible dryness lines this immediately ensures intensive moisture absorption into the skin. This refreshing treatment includes an added on OXYjet® (pulsed pressure injection- without needle) refresh and sparkle specialized eye treatment.

TheraPro Repair - Smooth & Resilient 90 min. €75,00
For extremely stressed skin that needs renewal and repair; recommended for winter stressed skin or
after a course of Peeling or Refining treatments to strengthen the skin barrier.

Cleanformance- Healthy Glow
Vegan and clean for a healthy, vital glow. Especially for dehydrated demanding young skin, this facial will provide intensive moisture to the skin and even out any irregularities for a beautiful complexion. Your Skin Specialist will use their expertise to blend the latest technology as required to optimise your results and treat any immediate skin concerns.

30 min. €45,00  

60 min. €65,00

TheraPro Calming – Calm & Soothe 75 min. €85,00
An SOS solution for extremely sensitive, irritated skin, or couperose skin. This treatment combines with soothing and repairing led light therapy to reduce redness, irritation and strengthen the skin’s own defense mechanisms against stressors. The perfect after-sun treatment.

TheraPro Peels- Intensive Peeling 60 min. €70,00
This treatment is the latest innovation in non-invasive skin resurfacing. A unique blend of AHA’s and
controlled pH value of the TheraPro peels work from the inside out without inflammation. Your therapist will choose which strength of peeling is suitable for your skin. This treatment targets conditions of rough, dry, oily skin, enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, tired or dull complexion. Signs of ageing are diminished the skin is left more youthful.

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